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The former Chief Information Security Officer for the U.S. Postal Service, Gregory (Greg) Crabb has over 25 years of law enforcement and security experience and specializes in enabling cyber security leaders and organizations to protect their digital assets against evolving cyber threats. His clients have included the Department of Homeland Security, defense contractors, the United Nations International Computer Center and financial institutions.

Giles Kesteloot takes his cues from tech leaders in Silicon Valley. His ultimate vision:  bridge the gap between the Beltway and Valley to create high-performance companies unlike any in DC.  Most recently, Giles served as President of Blackstone Federal, a tech consulting company he transformed and led to a successful corporate exit, yielding an impressive 13x EBITDA premium. 

Ray Reed is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Air Force and counts over two decades in sales team management with a focus on selling to the federal government where he honed a proven process for developing sustainable, high-performance sales teams for companies of all sizes.

A distinguished senior professional with nearly four decades of expertise in program management, process improvement, strategic planning and small business programs, Joyce A. Harris brings a wealth of federal and industry know-how and networks to the table.

De Lune Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Gaddafi founded De Lune Corp in 2016 and serves as President. In his role, he leads a growing team of high performers, harnessing their diversified power to power innovation and create value for clients and the industry. Gaddafi takes responsibility for the overall strategy, growth and performance of De Lune Corp. 

Terry serves De Lune Corp as COO. In this role, he sets and executes organizational strategy, develops and implements plans and policies, manages overall operations, builds and oversees the executive team and drives organizational growth and profitability.

Solomon joined De Lune Corp in April 2017 and serves as the Head of Accounts. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing the accounting operation of the organization. Solomon develops and implements accounting processes across the organization including updating internal controls, produces consolidated financial statements, undertakes regular audits and prepares payroll for all employees as covered by federal and state labor laws

Shahina is a founding member of De Lune Corp and serves as Vice President/Chief Legal Officer. In this role, she oversees all legal aspects of De Lune Corp’s solutions and services including ethics and compliance and advises on decisions across the company’s operations. She leverages law, policy and technology to strengthen De Lune Corp’s offerings, ensuring the delivery of excellent service founded on trust. 

Hifnaz joined De Lune Corp in September 2020 and serves as its Chief Growth Officer, responsible for scalable growth initiatives, sales, partnerships and outreach strategy. He has expanded De Lune Corp’s business development efforts, fostering sustainable relationships and partnerships that enable growth and diversification of the company’s solutions.

Kellie joined De Lune Corp in September 2021 and serves as Head of Operations. In her role she oversees business functions operational processes for the organization, taking ownership of products and services and driving operational excellence.

Donald (Rick) Griffin serves as Senior Strategist – Growth & Business at De Lune Corp. In this role he supports business growth strategy, collaborating with senior leadership to develop business, optimize growth and achieve maximum results.

De Lune Tech Team

Meet Our Technology Team

Serves De Lune Corp as Cyber Lead. In this role, he leads the cyber security team at De Lune Corp, overseeing the delivery of services, managing partner and client relationships and taking ownership of areas including digital forensics, vulnerability assessment, incident
response and big data analytics. He develops cyber security solutions for the government and commercial markets, focusing on each client’s unique requirements, environments, mission and end goals.

Abhi serves as Cloud Technology Advisor at De Lune Corp, leading the cloud services team, nurturing partner relationships and creating cloud roadmaps for clients. He takes ownership of all five areas of focus including consulting and migrations, cyber security solutions, workplace modernization, customer engagement solutions and security compliance.

Dharshana joined De Lune Corp in December 2018. He serves as Manager – IT Sales & Solutions. In his role, he is responsible for managing the provision of technology solutions and IT services to commercial and federal clients.

Rushdi serves De Lune Corp as a VMware and Cloud Associate. In his role, he supports the successful implementation of VMware and Cloud solutions across a variety of industry verticals and customer environments.

Rikaza serves De Lune Corp as Proposal & Communications Manager. In her role, she leads overall communication efforts at the company, communicating brand identity, value and impact externally and delivering inter-departmental and corporate messaging internally.

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