SAP Services

Ensure the long-term success of your organization with the transformational power of SAP ERP software, business applications and cloud infrastructure. De Lune provides end-to-end services around SAP software including technology and solution advisory,
re-engineering and upgrades, cloud migration and maintenance, design and implementation, application management and support and mobility and analytics solutions.

De Lune’s deep industry expertise combined with our proven implementation capabilities and sector-specific accelerators, ensures your organization realizes value over time for your investment.


Solve Problems

Rise with SAP

A business transformation-as-a-Service solution that is known for its flexibility, RISE with SAP supports your organization’s needs, no matter its area of focus, geography or regulatory requirements. By combining data from all components, De Lune helps you to use Rise with SAP to create business intelligence, expand operations and provide managers with access to comprehensive knowledge of your organization so they can be better informed and run more effective teams. Plan and achieve specific business outcomes, optimize your operations and manage your processes from start to finish with De Lune and Rise with SAP.

Growth and Transformation

SAP S4/HANA Migration Advisory

Enable your organization to transact, analyze and predict in real-time across all your enterprise functions, from finance and supply chain to marketing and customer service, in an increasingly unpredictable world. Leveraging leading SAP business partner status, our SAP S4/HANA Migration Advisory services establish an environment in your organization to foster innovation; solve business challenges promptly, effectively and at less cost and build a strong offering(s).


SAP S4 Design & Implementation

Like any meaningful transformation, ERP transformation includes the danger of disruption. Our SAP S4 Design & Implementation services however enables you to reduce this risk. De Lune analyzes in detail the existing and future organizational processes to be performed, coupled with end-to-end testing. We offer preconfigured business process flows that will capture, articulate, clarify, and design the appropriate processes, error-free, ultimately reducing implementation time frames and costs by up to 70%.

Growth and Transformation

SAP Application Management Services

Align the operations and goals of your organization with IT in a continuously evolving technology landscape with De Lune’s SAP Application Management Services (AMS). Save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks such as managing IT infrastructure, maintaining internal IT apps and help desk tasks to reduce workload significantly and provide your staff the bandwidth to focus on strategic thinking and putting innovation into practice. De Lune provides application support that enables business continuity, complete management of your enterprise application integration and value-added services including advisory for innovation, agile for SAP cloud solutions, transformation support for a seamless service experience and intelligent automation.


SAP BTP Integration Services

De Lune’s SAP Business Integration Platform (BTP) Integration Services allows your organization to integrate third-party applications into SAP, extending the capabilities of your enterprise application and improving the exploitation of your data to solve business problems. Including analytics, data management and application development along with integration and AI and machine learning, delivered at speed and with agility, we enable you to innovate in the cloud, unlock value and drive growth.