De Lune Corp’s suite of lightning components for Salesforce simplifies the complex data management associated with the popular platform. The actionable UI/UX leverages existing metadata to make your Salesforce experience more intuitive, making inline editing, mass updates, data exports, etc., easier than ever before.

Designed to simply data entry and complex administration tasks, our business-ready components increase productivity, adoption and confidence. The multiple functionalities and advanced features enable you to manage your organization’s data more efficiently and gain deeper insights into your organization’s growing data, powering decisions based on real and visible data sets.

Unleash the full potential and power of your Salesforce data with our suite of lightning components, enabling your organization to streamline workflows, maximize productivity and ultimately, drive greater success.

Solve Problems

Smart Grids

Smart Grid is a powerful tool facilitating a range of functionalities. Enable it for related lists, list views or use our built-in fieldset grid, applying filtering, aggregations, multi-sorting and conditional coloring to suit your requirements.
The Advanced Grid Explorer enables exploring your records through grouping, filters and search. Sort your records based on multiple criteria to easily find the information you need and identify trends or anomalies as well as records that require attention, such as overdue tasks or high-priority leads.
Smart Grid provides for inline editing any type of field as well as editing and modifying multiple records simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency. It also enables exporting of data from any grid to Excel or CSV as well as multi copy-pasting from Excel and CSV files

Growth and Transformation

Multi Calendar

The Multi Calendar allows users to view and manage a number of tasks assigned to team members within a single interface. Users can track progress of tasks, assignments and deadlines across multiple teams and departments, providing a streamlined interface of organizational activity.
Highly flexible, Multi Calendar enables organizations to filter and color-code data based on specific needs, making it easy to quickly identify key events and activities, which can be tracked by assignee or timeframe – daily, weekly or monthly – making monitoring progress and managing workloads easy.
Easily create, edit and delete records as well as drag and drop activity records. Multi Calendar also allows you to export the calendar to an Excel or CSV file.


User Defined Grids

User defined grids is a powerful feature that allows you to create smart grids for any object, i.e. custom or standard. By enabling users to apply filtering, aggregations, multi sorting and conditional coloring based on their requirements without resorting to admin involvement, it improves efficiency.
Organizations can design grids to suit their needs with tailored conditional formatting, filtering and sorting options, making it easier to manage and manipulate data. Together with Advanced Grid Explorer, you can explore your data by utilizing grouping, filters or search; inline edit any type of field and edit multiple records simultaneously, transforming you into a power user of Salesforce.

This allows large enterprises to extract valuable insights and create tremendous value seamlessly and securely. Organizations can extract tremendous value by connecting employees, customers, and partners by using API middleware in providing services to support the execution of data transactions across a distributed network.