Cloud Services


Application Modernization

Our application modernization services enable your organization to leverage the years of investment you have made in your application assets, deliver more from IT budgets and reduce the risk of implementing new technologies. De Lune IT's capabilities include enabling clients to leverage Cloud Services by either migrating or modernizing existing legacy systems.

Cloud Readiness Assesment

Moving workloads to public or private cloud services can improve organizational flexibility, agility, and reduce costs-but only if your organization is truly ready to make the change and has created a roadmap for the journey. Contrary to popular perception, moving some or all IT activities to the cloud is typically a resource-intensive journey involving numerous pitfalls. De Lune IT helps organization assess their environment and prepare forcloud adoption through our Cloud Enablement Framework.

Cloud Cost optimization

When you approach a cloud migration, there are so many opportunities to overpay. The key for cloud costs optimization is balancing the many variables of running the cloud environments – from choosing between different reserved instances type to deciding which time commitment is right for your business. Managing the cost variables like Reserved Instances (RIs), upfront payment, storage types, instances and resources are critical for successful IT, DevOps, Security, and Finance teams. De Lune IT can help you make these decisions to ensure you are getting the best return of investment in your cloud operations.

Cloud Enabled Enterprise App Development

Cloud native enterprise architecture drastically reduces what your teams manage, enabling the agility required in a digital economy. By removing the time and effort to manage Network, Storage, Server, OS and, Runtime. You can focus on the data and the application that really matters to your organization and your stakeholders. We at De Lune IT can help you design and implement your enterprise applications to reduce your enterprise IT costs and create robust solutions that works.

Cost Effective Cloud Architecture Models

Cost models are fundamental building blocks for cloud computing. Cloud providers offer a very wide portfolio of services, while Cloud clients access them against some financial arrangement. Cloud cost models today are distinct based on service models: Infrastructure as a Service IaaS, Platform as a Service PaaS and Software as a Service SaaS. The need to forecast the cost over a period imposes building of cost models, which must be accurate and error free. we can provide you modern architecture models to match your IT budgets and requirements to ensure the cost your cloud-based applications are in your control.

PolyCloud Strategies

Our Poly Cloud strategies enables you to leverage the usage of multiple cloud providers, choosing specific services from each, as per your requirements. This approach reduces the dependency on single cloud technology or cloud service provider. This provides a cost-effective architecture that optimizes your return on investment.

Cloud data analytics

The cloud can help you process and analyze your big data faster, leading to insights that can improve your products and business. The advancement of technology has allowed companies to reap the benefits of streamlined processes and cost-efficient operations. But the one thing that has become a game changer for businesses of all sizes is the availability of data from every source imaginable – social media, sensors, business applications, and many more. WE can help you make sense of this data by leveraging the compute power of the cloud instead of burdening your existing IT infrastructure

Data Governance

Data governance encompasses the ways that people processes, and technology can work together to enable auditable compliance with defined and agreed-upon policies. Ultimately, organizations want their data to work for them and governance is an essential part of making data work for your business. We can help you manage your data governance lifecycle, including data intake and ingestion, cataloging, persistence, retention, storage management, sharing, archiving, backup, recovery, disposition, and removal and deletion.

Cloud Based Licencsing and Support

One of the first obstacles you’ll face when moving to the cloud is the bewildering array of licensing options available. While working your way through the legal and financial terms can be painful, it can also help you select the right vendor and save your small business a lot of money. We can help your organization manage all licensing requirements for your cloud based applications and continue to support maintenance of your licenses.

Design & Development

Our robust Cloud-based IT solutions and deployment strategy ensures detailed assessment and planning for scalability, responsiveness, security, multi-cloud integration and integration with existing on-premise applications We Implement application management practice in the cloud with Continuous Integration, Deployment and Release Management. De Lune IT uses automation of testing and acceptance processes for improved transformation latency and utilizes an extensive toolset at all stages of solution delivery to achieve the best results.