A One-Stop solution for every distributors horror story

Being a small or mid-sized enterprise could be definitely more rewarding than an office job for some, especially those looking for adventure in day to day life. However, as of now these adventures have turned into misadventures for most companies due to the corona virus and the sudden need to deliver just about anything from fresh flowers and groceries to some of the latest techs.

Below are some of the horror stories that entrepreneurs wake up to on some if not most mornings.

  • Multiple calls, texts and mails from the same anxious customer who just bought the last $15 gift card.
  • You just can’t seem to make the connection between your newest promo and resulting sales.
  • Products delivered to the wrong address.
  • No way to communicate to the customer who just NEEDED the product that day.
  • Miscommunicated dates and/or contact details now your delivery personnel is sitting outside an address wondering what to do with the package.
  • Confusion between employees about who is to deliver what (especially with the mounting orders thanks to the approaching holiday season)
  • And after all that you just can’t seem to figure out what would get your customers to give you that five star rating that you know you deserve

Those are just SOME of the issues these warriors unspoken of face on a regular basis. If you feel like we’ve just discussed the story of your life and you can tick more than a few boxes rest assured we have just the solution for you at De Lune IT. Read on and you’ll find exactly what you need, we promise.

What if we tell you that we have a product:

  • That can track your sales, promotional activity performance via inbuilt metrics, it would even let you know way ahead of your best shop assistant when you have to stock up on products. Meaning you won’t have to worry about Mr. Smith hating on you because he missed out on that gift card for his least favorite nephew.
  • A tool that plans your team’s routes for them will ensure everyone knows exactly where they are going. So you won’t even have trouble within the team to worry about leaving you with enough time to worry about other things such as your newest marketing strategy.
  • You can add data on the go, allowing your sales staff to add important details while they communicate with the customer thereby reducing your margin of error. That means Berta will receive her mass order of sugars and sprinkles just in time for the holiday rush.
  • And since any data included or changes will be available to everyone in the relevant teams no information will have to be added twice and everyone will be on the loop about each order. Miss Anne can’t bully you into giving her a discount on the basis of miscommunication.
  • Save money. To add to all the benefits we just mentioned our service is cloud based reducing IT costs, your staff can access it via their mobiles you don’t have to buy any fancy new gadget it’s easy to use therefore staff will spend less time in training. If you use the product to its optimum you just might not have to hire that replacement staff and save up on that too.
  • With all these additional benefits to customer like order tracking, consistent communication and targeted promotions among others you’ll even be able to retain more customers increasing customer retention rates and even get that 5 star rating you were thinking about.