Top 3 Must-Have Tools for Education Institutes in 2021

Top 3 Must-Have Tools for Education Institutes in 2021

The education industry has made huge strides since the period of the traditional teacher-centric classroom. The Covid-19 Pandemic that led to worldwide lockdowns forced the education sector across the globe to take a giant leap in abandoning the age-old system of in-class learning, at least for the foreseeable future. 

This has led to explosive growth in terms of educational technology, giving rise to new and innovative tech applications that enable academic institutes to function in a far more efficient manner.

Although there are quite a number of existing educational tools and systems in the market, there are a few that stand out due to their efficiency, ease of use and adaptability.

Let us look at 3 essential tools that are a MUST have in 2021:

  1. School Management Software

School Management Software is a tool that enables schools to digitize educational and administrative tasks. It allows the administrators to manage all daily proceedings of the school digitally. It also offers a hassle-free solution for all school-related activities to be monitored via a single platform.

School management software can automate and optimize the workload of the teachers and instructors and offer easy monitoring of students’ academic progress. It is also helpful in simplifying the enrollment process of students into a school, together with tracking fee payments, processing invoices, alongside generating end of term reports.

Delune IT School Management System offers all these functions and more as it stores all student and faculty information in one place, making it enormously convenient for administrators to access them whenever required. 

Remote learning has made collaborating with students and sharing reports a challenge for most institutes. Delune’s SMS offers convenient means of generating reports, analyzing data and offering data visualizations to provide a more comprehensive view of the learner’s journey to the teachers and parents.

Additionally, the all-digital solution eliminates the need to utilize paper for record-keeping when it comes to attendance, enrollments, billing, etc. The relevant records are entirely stored on one app, and can they be accessed with the click of a button.

Designed with the aim to simplify the processes of educational institutions, Delune’s school management software offers the ideal future-ready solution for the administrative requirements of any educational institute.

  1.  Violence & Cyberbullying Prevention System 

The technological devices that come hand in hand with the remote schooling system expose children to new kinds of threats. While the traditional system was run under a teacher’s supervision, today, we are looking at a more individualized approach where the in-class instructor cannot monitor the student’s interactions with each other at all times.

As such, remote education has led to an increase in the number of cases involving cyberbullying and violence. Additionally, the solitary learning environment that comes with remote education can be detrimental to the mental status of a youngster from a socio-psychological point of view.

This is where platforms that offer online safety solutions such as Lightspeed Systems come into play. Such AI and cloud-based platforms provide an all-in-one solution to schools and educational institutes to address safety concerns related to remote learning. They conduct threat assessments through AI technology to scan and flag concerning indicators that may present imminent threats to student safety, including self-harm, cyber-bullying, suicidal ideation, and violence.

The system is designed to alert relevant authorities instantly and provide intervention measures before any incident occurs.

3. Student Feedback Provider

Students require constant feedback from their educational instructors to improve their learning. In the regular school environment, most feedback was provided instantly and in person. However, the currently distributed learning environment makes it difficult for teachers to provide instant feedback to individual students on their work.

Marking and grading papers and assignments shared via the Google Classroom environment can be extremely time-consuming, resulting in most teachers providing minimal feedback to students.

Incorporating a tool that can be used to provide voice feedback can be extremely useful to educators. Google Chrome extension Mote is one such tool that allows teachers and instructors to add voice comments on Google Docs, Slide presentations, spreadsheets, or on any application within the Google Classroom environment.

Using voice feedback not only makes it faster than writing it up, but it also provides a more personal touch to the students. It allows teachers to communicate their messages clearly without the worry of it being misinterpreted. Furthermore, Mote offers auto-generated comment transcriptions and the ability to save the comments in an online library for future use.

If your educational institution is ready to get with the times and incorporate a digital tool that can make the lives of your students and staff far less complicated, get in touch with the team at Delune IT so that we can help you through it.