Top 5 Pandemic-Friendly Business Ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The ongoing pandemic has left many of us feeling like the rug was pulled from under us. With excessive concerns about health and safety to poverty due to lost jobs. While it looks like all hope has been lost we’d like to remind you of the saying, “Some good things fall apart, so better things can fall together”. This might look like the ideal break up quote but it could also be the promise of better times to come.

We have listed out 5 Pandemic friendly businesses you should think of starting:

  • Handmade products

E-commerce was already booming before the pandemic, but with most physical stores operating at limited capacity, selling online is the way to go for aspiring retailers. Crafters and artisans with newfound free time now have a unique opportunity to turn their passion and skills into a thriving business. Making sales could be as easy as a post on selected social media groups to eCommerce sites that have now sprung up.

  • Unique face masks

Most states have made wearing a face mask mandatory for public safety. If you are a pro with the sewing machine, you already have your next business idea sorted. Turn the plain cloth masks into something of a fashion statement with uniquely tailored face masks to match different outfits.

  • Pet products and services

The Covid-19 stay at home order has resulted in more people adopting pets in order to feel less lonely. First time pet owners have turned to online shopping to online retailers and services to care for their new advice. If you are a pet owner or animal lover, this one is right up your field.

  • Home Beauty Kits

With hair and nail salons shut down people have turned to the internet to make their Self-care Sundays work. DIY home beauty products and kits are a great way to capitalize on this trend. Industry experts say products that are focused on holistic wellness and self-care, such as facial products, essential oils and aromatherapy, are expected to see consistent demand in the foreseeable future. You can curate and source local products for a personalized box subscription experience, or create your own line of organic or natural skin and hair care items.

  • Commercial cleaning service

While cleaning and antibacterial supplies continue to fly off the shelves, many commercial cleaning services are finding themselves in higher demand than ever before.

Office buildings, restaurants and other public businesses are counting on these service providers to continuously disinfect their spaces and keep employees and patrons safe. As more types of businesses reopen to the public, including schools and universities, owners and building managers will continue to seek these cleaning services to stop the spread of germs and viruses. If you are looking for the ideal solution to start up your cleaning service click here to contact us, we have just the platform you need, and from there on it will be, get-set-go.

It is often during the most challenging times that there is the greatest opportunity to redefine yourself. So don’t throw the towel in just yet, try out your hand as an entrepreneur, who knows you might surprise yourself.