The neatest solution for your cleaning company.

While much of the world has come to a grinding halt due to the CoronaVirus. Crime unfortunately has continued to march on due to pay cuts and in most cases loss of jobs. And for obvious reasons the B&Es ( or robberies in layman’s terms) is the most common type of crime since the pandemic hit us.

This has resulted in more people being cautious and suspicious of others hence stopped using essential services that require them to let others enter their promises. People would rather use most or all of their time off work to cook and clean rather than let their cleaning staff in mainly due to safety concerns.

In other cases those in management levels have trouble assuring their staff of the hygiene and safety of those who conduct outsourced services such as cleaning. Thus resulting in those of you who run cleaning services losing business and having to let staff go.

We at De Lune IT have the neatest solution for your cleaning company. One that would entice customers to allow your staff in there by, bringing you business. One that would make your Blue Collar business look and seem almost White Collar.

We have an innovative yet intuitive software for Commercial Cleaning companies, which is dedicated to simplifying operations and enhancing customer relationship management through digitalization.

Our platform enables you to digitize your cleaning contracts, manage the daily operational tasks seamlessly, and stay in control of your workforce while we support you in delivering consistent, high-quality cleaning services while growing your business. We remove the paper trail that these services usually leave through digitization thereby giving your customers the feeling of dealing with a truly professional business.

The platform includes features like time and attendance, inspection management, task management, quotation management, resource allocation, complaint management, and work order management. Delivered to you as a platform you can use on Android or Apple devices and your desktop.

Key benefits of using the platform includes:

  • Time and Attendance

Utilizing our Time and Attendance feature will allow you to rest assured that your staff is doing the work they need to do. You can autonomously monitor your workforce to ensure that all your contractual obligations are met.

  • Task Management

Ensuring that all your staff know what is expected of them through the simple click of a button. Our platform allows you to input your job specifications and customize each location to meet and exceed your client’s expectations. Making sure you never miss a task

  • Inspection Management

Allowing inspectors to know what they have to inspect and rate on a granular level adds an extra level of confidence for your clients and assures them of a job well done.

  • Work Order Management

Clients can report or request new work orders through a click of a button. Our platform will help you keep track, approve, generate quotes and allow you to allocate resources with ease through our intuitive web portal.

  • Quotation management

Allows you to develop, send and approve quotes through the web app allowing you to keep track of all the new business you are trying to garner.

  • Real-Time Notifications

To keep you informed at all times. Whether you are allocated to work on or inspect a specific site, assigned to resolve a complaint, create an extra work request. You also get notified of team activity, especially of when your workers check in to the site along with their mile distance from it.

  • Resource Allocation

Whether it be workers, inspectors, assets or operations managers, you can allocate them with ease through our Resource Allocation function. Ensuring that employees see only see what they need to see.

  • Feedback Management

Whether you have too many complaints or very few complaints, CleanPlan helps you organize, track, and get insights into the complaints you receive in order to address and rectify them rapidly.

  • Communication — Instant Messaging

Communicating with a geographically spread-out workforce is a significant challenge. Furthermore, communication may get lost in translation, forgotten or overlooked as they may occur on multiple applications. We offer a consolidated messaging platform that can be utilized by clients, workers, and management to communicate clearly and freely to get a job done. Thus, making it easier to establish expectations, set standards, and work towards improving your service.

  • Workforce Scheduling

Offers you the ability to not only control your employee’s schedule, it also allows your employees to have access to their schedule on their mobile phone. No more miscommunication or unsatisfied customers. Your employees will always be in the right place at the right time.

  • Reporting and Dashboards

You can generate the reports you want when you need it. Allowing you and your team to make well informed decisions and gain insight into your organization, In addition, if you want to share information with your clients the client portal will allow your clients to access easy to read dashboards, inspection reports and performance reports. You have the ability to customize their portal to show them the information that matters to them

  • Compliance Audit

This a feature that was developed in conjunction with our clients’ needs to ensure the safety of their staff during COVID-19.It is fast becoming the most popular feature in our platform. This feature ensures that your staff adheres to regulatory guidelines. Making it easier for you to establish operating procedures and respond rapidly to ensure the safety of your staff.

In our platform we have answers to every question that a client will ask you during these trying times. If you think this is too good to be true or want to experience our miracle product, click here to contact us.