National Archives and Records Administration

Contractor Name, CAGE Code, DUNS

De Lune Corp.
Cage: 7WU37
DUNS: 080517374

Contracting Activity

Government Contracting

Del. Schedule-Start/Completion Date

August 2022 – Current 

Contract Description

Performed McAfee ePO/HBSS administration supporting a government customer.

Specific Experience

  • ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) providing strategic guidance in response to threat events attending Data Loss Prevention, Policy Auditor, Endpoint Security and Rogue System Detection. 

    Company’s Responsibilities: 

    summary of responsibilities

    1. Installed updates to McAfee software as released. 
    2. Deployed, maintained, and tuned McAfee clients to meet current and future standards. 
    3. Created deployed and managed custom HBSS signatures. Monitored HBSS for intrusions, failures and other issues. 
    4. Ensured that the clients/servers are operational and reporting properly. 
    5. Ensuring that clients do not block legitimate traffic. 
    6. Produced reports and charts that convey the operational state of HBSS as well trends and anomalies in activity alerted on or blocked by HBSS. 
    7. Creating and maintaining standard operating procedures for the HBSS team Validate that the team documents, reports, and resolves HBSS management or operational issues.