Business Intelligence & Big Data


Adaptive business intelligence & big data analytics

Is your data catching dust mites instead of providing you insights? 

Amplify the way your executives use data to make daily decisions and forecasts by capturing, analyzing, and using the information to serve customers and better impact the future of your business.

Transforming unstructured data repositories into meaningful and accessible information for your business

Our Business Intelligence (BI) consulting and Big Data analytics services are aimed to keep your business on top of the ever-changing global market. We leverage advanced big data and BI tools to extract actionable insights from diverse datasets generated in real-time and at a larger scale using a range of tools. With De Lune IT, getting vital insights from previously untapped data assets is easy, fast, and reliable.

Evidence-based decision making to optimize your business performance


  • DesignBI Roadmap and Strategy
  • Data Modeling
  • Compliance and Governance


  • Architecture
  • Big Data & MPP Expertise
  • Data pipeline process optimization


  • Data Bricks
  • Stream Analytics
  • Python & R
  • Azure ML Studio


  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Security and Auditing Information
  • Comprehensive Health Check Reports

Are you wondering how to transform reporting into a competitive advantage?

If your data is spread across different data systems, databases, and departments a few things are going to be lost in translation. Your reports will take too long to generate, your data will be stale, and your KPIs can’t really be trusted. What’s more, your forecasts won’t be agile enough to meet the rapid changes in today’s business environment. And as executives and business leaders you RELY on forecasts and reports to make daily decisions that impact your business.

Allow us at De Lune IT to help drive your business results through optimal utilization of processes, application, data, and content assets. Our framework and comprehensive set of services help you become agile, efficient, and adaptable. We offer a range of services including data integration, reporting, analytics, and monitoring to enable prediction via business analytics.

We work proactively with you, relying on our years of corporate knowledge, mature experts, and outcome-focused services to deliver results. Our team applies industry best practices combined with popular proprietary software and open-source technologies  as well as machine learning, deep learning algorithms, and what we learn throughout our experience and integrate them with your vision.

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