Contractor Name, CAGE Code, DUNS

De Lune Corp.
Cage: 7WU37
DUNS: 080517374

Contracting Activity

Commercial Contract

Del. Schedule-Start/Completion Date

February 2019 – May 2019

Contract Description was a startup that engaged in facilitating luggage management for travelers. It sought a contract to create a software system that powered their business, keeping track and facilitating the automated movement of end users’ luggage. The business logic and structure were pre-determined by the client. The contract took place in four phases.

Specific Experience

​As part of the project De Lune Corp provided the following services:

  • Application setup and database design
  • Project management.
  • Adding admin functionality to allow creating new roles and assigning permission to roles
  • JIRA task creating and writing user stories and Scrum meetings
  • Development of the web front
  • Development of the content management system
  • Creation of public user functionalities
  •  Functional testing and cross browser testing
  • Quality assessment and testing
  • The system was developed using a PostgreSQL 9.5 database running in a PHP / Laravel 5.7 back end and a VueJS front end built on a Linux environment managed by JIRA following the agile method.