Dr.Bart Stuck

Dr.Bart Stuck

Advisor to the Board

Dr. Bart Stuck counts over four decades in the global technology industry including managing and directing enterprises, investing in ventures, consulting, academic pursuits and developing the next generation of talent.

He has led corporations such as Optical Vaults Inc., InPhase Acquisition LLC., InPhase Technologies, CorEdge Networks Inc., Maxis Capital, FinAnalytica and Business Strategies LLC. Bart began his career at the famed Bell Laboratories at Murray Hill, NJ. He also worked on over 100 application platforms at UNIX and on stable probability distributions at the Mathematics Research Center.

Bart holds degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering including a PhD from MIT, holds four patents and has authored or coauthored 32 refereed technical papers covering areas such as mathematical physics, information theory and mathematical biology. He has taught at Columbia University and lectured at over 50 universities and research institutes in North America, Western Europe and Japan. He also developed a graduate level class in computer communication performance analysis.