Case Studies

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We have worked with many clients who have repeatedly engaged with us, including leading global independent software vendors.We have proven our expertise across multiple industries, from government and non-profits to education and healthcare.


Healthcare is an ever-growing industry, which is diverse from country to country. Specialized in tailoring customized solutions to this sector, we bring together industry-specific best practices and cutting-edge technological tools to deliver patient satisfaction acrossthe world.

Some of the systems we have implemented include:

  • Health survey analysis and management system to fight retinal blindness, Ward evaluation, ward audit & accreditation system for healthcare service providers.

  • Manufacturing resource-planning system for managing the production and distribution of healthcare and bioscience related products Document management system for a national collaborating center relating to environmental health.

  • Mobile application software for rest homes and medicine management.

  • Sales and distribution software in for the medical industry covering over 3000 medical professionals, 300 hospitals (both government and private) and 1600 pharmacy outlets in its distribution channels.


Unlike profit-making entities where revenue is key and processes are defined by it, the NFP sector is vastly different. It is vital to delve deep into the operational models of these entities to envision their future needs and cater to them with specific tailor-made solutions.

While powering worldwide corporate entities and governments, we have also successfully harnessed technology for the NFP sector in the form of ERP systems, CRM systems and HR tools.


De Lune IT has developed a comprehensive integration between a leading billing solution for direct pay healthcare and, the world’s leading CRM solution. The integration is 2-way and operates in real time. As soon as data is changed in either system, it is immediately updated in the other.

We were able to expand this integration module to a concierge medical management system for patients and doctors. Now, the oneof-a kind integration module covers multiple practices and multiple providers.


Learning and education is a constantly evolving industry seeking innovative means of delivering qualitative services to its audiences. De Lune IT's expertise has powered multiple education systems across the world with groundbreaking delivery schemes and costeffective processes.

Some of the systems we have implemented include:

  • School Management Systems (SMS) catering to 500+ schools across New Zealand

  • iOS and Android mobile applications in the learning and education space

  • MLearning Management Systems (LMS) using industry-specific compliant frameworks.

  • Supporting applications for R&D initiatives in universities